1. What is Check-in and Check-out time for Camp?
Date Time Location
CHECK-IN 15 January 2022 12:30 PM – 1:00 PM Campsite
CHECK-OUT 17 January 2022 10:00 AM Campsite

2. What if, my child takes prescription medication?
• Any medications prescribed for your child and any special instructions concerning the health of your child should be left with the Sikh Youth Camp Health Staff at the time of Check-in.
• Please bring the prescription medication in original container, clearly labelled with the camper’s name, in a Ziploc bag.

3. What kind of food is served at Camp site?
• Well balanced nutritious vegetarian meal (including meals and snacks) is served at the Camp site.
• Any food allergy information must be clearly stated in the application forms.
• Parents are requested NOT to send any food for/with the campers.

4. Can parents/guardians visit the campsite during the Camp?
• NO.
• The parents should leave the campsite after the Check-in on Day-1.
• Parents are welcome to join last day of the camp divan.

5. How are campers accommodated at the Camp Site?
• There are separate cabins for boys and girls. (Except for little brothers & sisters)
• Each dormitory accommodates 15 campers and 1 dorm. leader
• Girl’s cabins have female senior dorm volunteers while Boy’s cabins have male dorm leaders assigned.
• Each cabin is equipped with 2 private bathrooms and 2 private showers
• Each cabin contains 8 bunk beds with mattress included. But NO comforters and sheets.
• See “What to bring” list attached•

6. Can my son visit his sister’s dormitory?
• NO. Only with the permission of the Senior Volunteer In-Charge.
• Boys are NOT allowed in the Girls dormitory and Girls are NOT allowed in Boys dormitory.
Any violations of above will lead to expulsion from Camp.

7. What to bring to the Camp Site?
The following items are a MUST. (Please mark your child’s clothing)
• Light clothing (appropriate for outdoor winter activity)
• Kesari/Blue/Black Turbans for boys and Kesari/Blue/Black Keskis or Chunis for girls
• Pillow, pillowcase & Bed sheets
• Comforter or sheet.
• Towels & toiletry
• Pair of sneakers/ closed shoes & flip-flops.
• Slacks and jean
• Undergarments and socks
• Bug repellent
• Flashlight
• Handkerchief or tissues
• Laundry bag for dirty clothes
• Two pairs of socks
Note: Be sure to bring enough clothes to last for the duration of the camp.

8. What NOT to bring to the Camp Site?
• Prohibited items includes but not limited to: Smart watches, Lanterns, candles, firecrackers, radios, DVD/CD players, IPOD/MP3 Player, Song CD’s.
• Use of mobile is NOT permitted. Should a camper need to talk to his parents he/she can approach the dorm leader.

9. Do I need to send additional money with my child?
• NO. There is no need for Campers to carry any cash to the camp.

10. What activities are offered during the Camp?
• The indoor sessions include classes in Sikh history, Kirtan, Gurmat, and other interactive sessions/games.
• The outdoor activities include open field activities.

11. Can I call my child during camp?
• Parents are NOT allowed to contact campers during the entire camp.
• In an Emergency: Please contact sewadars at 0410630450 / 0421527904 / 0407533440

12. How are campers monitored?
• A designated group of adult mentors (Volunteers), selected with great care, keeping in mind safety of campers, will stay on site for both days.
• These mentors (Volunteers) are assigned duties to take care of group of campers.

13. How do I know who the assigned dormitory volunteers are?
• Dormitory volunteers’ information along with their phone number is handed over on the first day of the camp during the CHECK-IN process.

14. How is a homesick camper handled?
• Several young/first time campers feel homesick during the first day. At Sikh Youth Camp, all the available volunteers and dorm. leaders make every possible effort to help the child feel comfortable and enjoy their time these 3 days.

15. What does camp team expect from a parent?
• Sikh Youth Camp volunteers request the parents to be BRAVE and encourage/prepare the campers to stay at the camp for the entire session.

16. Can I send a snack with my child?
• No. However, parents can contact the Camp Organizers via email or phone to see if snacks can be donated, so it can be distributed to all the campers.

17. How can I help USVA for Sikh Youth Camp 2022?
You can help Sikh Youth Camp in multiple ways
• Resources: Providing Camp supplies such as water, snacks etc.(Please speak to Bhai Surjit Singh ji at 0425 264 693 – Camp Langar Manager)
• Sponsor-a-Camper: You can sponsor a camper to attend Sikh Youth Camp. (for future camps)
• Donations: You can always donate any amount that works for you (For details speak to Bhai Bhupinder Singh Ji at 0410630450 – Camp Admin.)

18. Can I withdraw my application?
You can do so 10 days prior to the Camp. This allows for organizers to plan the reach out accordingly.
However, in extreme situations such as medical emergency or death in family, a full refund can be considered.
Any Further Questions?
Phone: Camp organizers at 0407533440 / 0410630450
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.