Camp About us


United Sikh Volunteers Australia (USVA) is a charitable association, formed to spread the universal message of Sri Guru Granth Sahib in the true spirit of “Welfare of All” (Sarbat Da Bhala).

Sikh Youth Camp is an attempt by the USVA team to create a forum to bring the Sikh youth together and allow them to engage in a collective reflection on Gurbani, our history and tradition. These few days away from home will provide the opportunity for young minds to begin a personal journey with the Guru.

Let us come together to build positive life-long experiences and lasting impressions. Having organised number of Sikh Youth Gurmat Workshops, this is the first Sikh Youth Camp being organised on the inspiring and self-reflective theme of “Learn and Live Gurbani”. It would be a new experience for the USVA team to setup an all outdoor fun filled and enriching camp for Sikh youth. For two days, the camp site will be filled with thoughts about understanding Gurbani and living it in our daily life. The success of this first camp would encourage the USVA team to move forward with the idea of having an annual theme-based camp. The goal is to build experiences year-on-year.

Mission of Camp Sikh Youth Camp

Provide experiences that shape and expand the Sikh commitment of our next generation. Free from all distractions, kids live, learn, play, and work together, and are creatively challenged to make decisions resulting in changed lives.

Vision of Sikh Youth Camp

Sikh Youth Camp envisions a world in which each and every Sikh acts to make the most of life for themselves and becomes role model for everyone around them by following path illustrated by our Gurus and Gurbani.