Senior Dorm Volunteers

It is the volunteers who contribute to achieve the collective goals such as maintain health and safety standards, well organized camp program.

So, YOU play a key role in the camp.

Purpose: To serve as the primary adult responsible for the campers in your assigned group and to assist the camp organizers (sevadars) in implementing the camp programs (including physical activities, daily living skills, health, safety, presentations and events).

• take primary responsibility for the health, well-being and happiness of campers
• assist camper in daily living skills -
• wake up the kids on time to get ready for divan
• find out which group kids are in and plan for it a night before
• make sure kids are ready early enough to join morning Divan
• guide them as needed in taking shower in the morning
• braid or do jooda
• tie keski/dastaar/patka
• makes sure kids drink water
• make sure kids are wearing right type of cloths based on the weather.
• head should be covered all the times with keski/dastaar/patka/chuni
• no boys allowed in girls cabins
• no girls allowed in boys cabins even if they are siblings
• no camper should be left alone, one should always be in the assigned group. Campers MUST BE supervised all the time by the adult volunteers
• if a child is sick, please make sure health staff on the campsite is consulted
• contact camp sevadars @0407 533 440/ if unsure of what needs to be done at any time
• encourage respect for personal property, camp equipment and facilities
• guide the campers to maintain cleanliness, punctuality, rules and sportsmanship
• observe camper behavior, enforce appropriate safety regulations.
• do Sohila Sahib every night before going to bed
• if you are also a parent of a camper please remember at Sikh Youth Camp your primary responsibility is to take care of assigned camper in your dormitory.