About Us

United Sikh Volunteers Australia (USVA) is a charitable association, formed to spread the universal message of Sri Guru Granth Sahib in the true spirit of “Welfare of All”(Sarbat Da Bhala).

1) It seeks to encourage the understanding of the Sikh religion and culture and to promote harmony between Sikhs and people of other beliefs in Australia and worldwide.

(2) Promote the Sikh Heritage among the Sikh Diaspora, particularly the youth.

(3) Establish an educational foundation for the teaching of the Gurmukhi script and Punjabi language, literature, music, culture, Sikh philosophy, and other related subjects not taught in a normal school curriculum and provide facilities for this purpose.

(4) Sponsor events that assist in the spiritual and socio-economic development of the Sikh community.

(5) Do sewa (i.e. selfless service or work performed without any thought of reward or repayment) as envisaged in the teaching of the Sikh religion that will help in the spiritual growth of the members and at the same time contribute to the improvement of all communities.

(6) Consider and help in the welfare of disadvantaged and marginalised people and communities (including students, the unemployed and seniors).

(7) Provide for the religious, cultural, educational, social, sporting and welfare activities, and facilities to the members of the Association as well as the larger Sikh community in Western Australia and Australia.

(8) Provide facilities and activities to enable members of the Association and their friends to confer together at meetings, seminars, and conferences pertaining to the practice of the Sikh religion and its understanding to Sikhs and non- Sikhs including other matters of common and current interests.

(9) Raise funds through membership fees and all other legitimate means, and, receive donations to assist the carrying out of the aims of the Association.

(10) Print, publish, and sell books, papers, periodicals, badges and emblems, and engage in any other literary undertaking as may seem conducive to the attainment of the aims of the Association, including the use of Internet and Electronic Media.

(11) Consider all questions and issues affecting the interests of Sikhs and Sikhism, to initiate and watch over, promote or oppose general or particular measures affecting them, and to promote or procure changes in any law, by-law or regulation detrimental to Sikhs and Sikhism by peaceful, legitimate and lawful means.

(12) Ensure there is provision of the Association’s facilities for the elderly and people with a disability.

(13) Ensure that the Association’s activities and the Sikh religion are not misrepresented.

(14) Promote unity and advancement in the Australian Sikh community and to further sporting, religious, educational and political advancement in Australia.

Though there are few associations that do some of the types of work that we undertake, however, we like to undertake work at the grass roots mobile-level without being restricted to a single geographic location or area.